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  • Alannah Anderson

Host a Sleek & Spooky Halloween Celebration

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about Trick-Or-Treating, and we never miss a good opportunity to throw a great gathering! With Halloween falling on a Thursday this year, you have the whole weekend to get your friends together for a smashingly spooky soiree.

Lucky for you, the B. Worley Productions team harvested some of their favorite ideas for throwing a sleek & spooky Hallow’s Eve Event that ensures your guests won’t ghost!

1) Image: Camille Styles ; 2) Image: The House of Silver Lining ; 3) Image: Half Baked Harvest ; 4) Image: Martha Stewart

Hosting a Halloween celebration doesn't have to mean decking out your house in bright oranges and the commonplace accents. Adorning your home with these chic, gothic vibes instead will help ensure that your ghoul-y gathering feels mature and sophisticated while also reviving your guests' halloween spirit.

The key to a hallowed home? Mixing skeletal centerpieces, foggy refreshments earthy embellishments, and here's some of the BWP team's favorite inspirational images for pulling off the greatest ghoulish gathering your guests have ever experienced!

[Click through the images for proper accreditation.]

Throwing an event like an expert means that it's all in the details, especially when you're hosting a bash for your boos! One of our favorite added details for your halloween celebration are these DIY cement skull fireplace logs from Buzzfeed:

Last but not least, Williams-Sonoma has even more chic, gothic accents and serving-ware that can help make your party perfect!

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